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"Youth and beauty are worth
to fight for them"

Sophia Loren


This is the result of more than 20 years of unique researches of BTI Biotechnology Institute in the field of cell therapy and tissue regeneration.

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What is unique in this technology?

The resulting concentrate of proteins obtained from the patient's own blood has the most powerful regenerative potential, that distinguishes us from other similar technologies.

This is a new quality standard in ANTI-AGE treatments - REVOLUTION IN DEALING WITH AGE-RELATED CHANGES!

NO - to the artificial youth

Forget about surgeries, synthetic substances and unpredictable results!

Skin tightening, Botox and thread-lifting...
Is it what you were dreaming about when you said you want to be young and beautiful?

Is this dream worth unnatural appearance and intervention of surgeons?

Benefits of


This is the patented technology which recently has started to be applied in Ukraine, but already for more than 10 years, it is popular in the most progressive countries of the World, which is confirmed by all known international quality certificates.
The doctors who perform the technique were trained by the best specialists and researchers of BTI Biotechnology Institute, and have proper accreditation.
It's been declared more than half a million patients treated with the use of ENDORET®-LIFTING technology, without a single side effect. Among the total number of patients, there are known media personalities and sportsmen.
...will not take long! The effect of ENDORET®-LIFTING microinjections is progressive, it becomes visible in 24 hours after the first treatment, continuing to raise your skin moisturizing, and improving it's thickness with each new procedure.

When and how to apply
this procedure?

ENDORET®-LIFTING microinjections are recommended for prophylactic use from the age of 28 years - to slow down the aging process, or from 38 years old and more - in order to regenerate and correct the existing signs of aging.

And these are not yet the limits of ENDORET®-LIFTING technology! You can use it to deal with the results of skin photo-damage, photo-aging, pigmentation, caused by the influence of sunlight and solarium.

You can also use for the treatment of acne and scars regeneration.

What is the guaranteed effect?

- bio-stimulation of infiltrated areas without pigmentation and changing of facial expressions

- visible reduction of wrinkles and inflammation spots

- rehabilitation after peeling procedures and laser skin resurfacing

- reduction or complete regeneration of scars and stretch-marks

- skin rehabilitation after sunburn - struggle against solar elastosis

How many procedures are needed?

It is recommended to carry out three procedures within the first three months. Subsequently, the frequency is individual: usually one to three times a year, depending on age and skin type.

The specialist, overseeing the patient after the course of procedures, will determine the most unique circuitry, suitable for the further treatment.

Why do they trust ENDORET®-LIFTING technology?

ENDORET®-LIFTING is the regenerative biomedical technology, registered in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

We employ only the experts, certified on international level

Visible results after the first treatment


Victoria Pobeda

I won’t tell you about all the problems I had on my skin, but what can I only say is that ENDORET®-LIFTING procedure helped me a lot!!! After the first session I felt the changing of my skin structure: it was different – more elastic and hydrated, the pigmented dark spots has disappeared and skin obtained the beautiful and healthy color! Thanks to the team of doctors, performing ENDORET®-LIFTING procedures! You make people happy!

Olena Isko

I was really surprised by the results of this procedure! Although, at first I was skeptical, because I don’t believe in miracles). But during the consultation I was aquainted with it’s characteristics, and for me the decisive factor to try ENDORET®-LIFTING was that it’s absolutely safe. It’s a very cool procedure! I am convinced in it on my own experience and would recommend it to anyone who wants to look young and beautiful using natural methods!


“I look in the mirror and realize that I look beautiful and much younger than my years. Everyone is asking, what is the secret! I can tell you about proper nutrition and sport, but without the help of ENDORET®-LIFTING procedures, I would never have achieved such an effect. “48 years”, – says about me my passport. “No, I’m only 35,” – my appearance objects happily. “

Elena Lola

Today and every day now I am glad of my life because my youth clock now runs counter-clockwise. I am familiar with aesthetic medicine not for the first day, and have already made some beauty treatments and rejuvenation procedures of the face and body, but the visible result of this procedure can’t be compared with any other one! Thanks to the experts of BTI, you are not only the friendly team, but also the great professionals that make our lives more beautiful and young. As for now, I still feel like my 28!


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